Luxury Tube Packaging Made in the UK

At Visican, we have been specialising in high-quality cardboard and plastic tube packaging for over 40 years. Our expertise spans various market sectors, ensuring your product stands out with innovative and sustainable packaging solutions. Whether you need eco-friendly, Printed Cardboard or Plastic packaging we provide bespoke options tailored to your brand’s needs.


Why Choose Visican?

Packaging is a vital element of your brand identity. Our commitment to sustainability and quality helps your product make a lasting impression. We are FSC® and BRC certified, with many of our products made from 100% cardboard and suitable for direct food contact. Our eco-friendly cardboard tubes are perfect for brands prioritising sustainability, ensuring minimal environmental impact while maintaining premium quality.


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Cardboard Tube Packaging

From butt-jointed and telescopic tubes to sifter and shaker tubes, our cardboard packaging options are versatile and durable. They are ideal for a wide range of products, providing both protection and an attractive presentation. We offer custom designs, allowing you to personalize your packaging with various finishes, prints, and sizes to perfectly match your brand’s image and requirements. Our cardboard tubes are strong, lightweight, and perfect for protecting delicate items while also being visually appealing.

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New Plastics tube packaging

Plastic Tube Packaging

Our clear containers, combi tubes, and more offer flexibility and visibility, perfect for showcasing your product. These plastic tubes are designed to provide robust protection and are available in numerous shapes and sizes. Whether you need a simple, clear plastic tube to highlight your product or a more complex design to add a touch of sophistication, our plastic packaging solutions are customisable to fit your specific needs.

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Contract Packaging

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Sustainability at the Core

Sustainable packaging is at the heart of what we do. Our eco-friendly cardboard tubes reduce environmental impact and align with the growing consumer demand for green products. By choosing Visican, you’re opting for packaging that supports a healthier planet.

Who we work with

We partner with a diverse array of industries, providing tailored packaging solutions that enhance product appeal and customer experience. Our clients include leading brands in the food, cosmetics, and luxury goods sectors, who trust us to deliver packaging that meets their high standards.

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